Showing God's Love to Ukraine

St. Matthew Outreach Effort During Week of April April 4 - 8
"For whatever you do for the least of these, you’ve done unto Me.”
Matthew 25:40

Each day, news stations have been reporting the heartbreaking updates regarding the war in Ukraine. Our hearts grieve as we see video clips of men saying “good-bye” to their wives and children at the border as they seek refuge for their families, and then return to fight for their country. We ache as we see orphans hiding in makeshift basement bunkers in attempts to remain safe from the bombings. And we mourn at the painful despair that is occurring.

The current conflict in Ukraine has put millions of people in danger. As Ukrainians shelter from bomb blasts or flee from their homes, many need medical attention, food, water, and basic sanitation. And as Christians, we pray for ways in which the Lord can use us to show His love and be the light of hope in the midst of so much dark destruction.

Following the example Jesus sets in the story of the Good Samaritan, Lutheran World Relief is a humanitarian organization that expresses faith through action, serving people in need without regard for religious affiliation. Currently, assisting the people of Ukraine is one of Lutheran World Relief’s most urgent and immediate priorities.

In addition, our 6th - 8th graders have been studying the current events transpiring in Ukraine during their History, Social Studies, and Religion classes. Motivated by God’s love, these students have become extremely passionate to do something to help the Ukrainians as they experience such devastating needs.

As a result of the Holy Spirit stirring in the hearts of our students, St. Matthew Lutheran School is hosting a weeklong outreach effort and fundraising event, designed to support Lutheran World Relief and their efforts to provide assistance for the people of Ukraine.

Since the sunflower is Ukraine’s national flower, and the Ukrainian country’s colors are blue and yellow, and Jesus is always the answer for hope, we have designed a logo to represent this schoolwide outreach effort entitled, “Showing God’s Love To Ukraine”. Each day will be designed as a special dress day; students can pay $1 each day that they wish to participate. In addition, if it makes things easier to remember, students can pay a sum of $5 at the beginning of the week to cover the entire week all at once. All money will be collected at arrival doors at the beginning of each day.

The schedule of the Special Dress Week is:

Monday - Hat Day

Tuesday - Jeans Day

Wednesday - Dress in the colors of Ukraine, which are blue and yellow. Every participant will also receive a sticker with the logo that we have specially designed for this mission project.

Thursday - Free Dress Day, which can include sweats, costumes, or anything appropriate for school

Friday - Pajama Day
Friday Dismissal - Baked goods for Ukraine

Families will also have an opportunity to participate as well. On Friday, April 8th, during the end of the day dismissal process, families will have the ability to make a free will donation for a small 6-inch pan of the world renowned and legendary Mrs. Colby’s brownies! Known to be a hot lunch treat served only on Wednesdays, parents will now have the ability to sample these delicacies for themselves!

In addition, The Great Harvest Bread Company, in Commerce Twp, located at: 3376 E. West Maple Road, is also joining our efforts to show God’s love and support to the Ukrainian people by making small loaves of their extremely delicious Cinnamon Chip Bread. These loaves will also be available during the parking lot Bake Sale for those interested in making a free will donation.

Please prayerfully consider joining us as we work to be the hands and feet of Christ for the Ukrainian people.

In Jesus’ Love,
Mrs. Palka

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