4th Grade Classroom Corner

Submitted by gadams on Fri, 11/03/2017 - 10:16am

Quick...what is the capital of Maine?  If you need a little help, feel free to ask any of our fourth graders as they have begun the exciting quest of journeying across the United States and learning all of the state capitals.
Known for her passion to travel, Miss Scheiwe has officially visited all 50 States, so she leads these lessons with much knowledge and experience. To add to the excitement, check out the bulletin board outside of their classroom, where the fourth graders are trying to collect a postcard from every state.  If you are planning a trip or know someone that lives in one of these states, please consider sending a postcard to the fourth grade to help add to their collection. This year they will be sharing Michigan postcards with classes around the United States.
When they are not traveling around the country, our fourth graders have been learning about habitats during science class and concluded this unit by building their own habitat.   Their next science unit promises to be "electrifying" as they learn about circuits and electricity.
During literature, our fourth graders will soon be traveling back to 1870s and reading "Little House in the Big Woods", as well as participating in numerous fun activities that will reinforce the concepts learned through this experience.  Our fourth graders are also published authors as they created a class book based on the theme "What's Important About Me". They are excited to use their new Reading Series Wonders. Each week they have a question that they try to answer through their readings.
Fourth graders are also busy this quarter expanding and sharpening their multiplication and division skills. They are really excited to start learning long division.
However, what has really been exciting has been watching God use our fourth graders to be His hands and feet in our community as they have been serving Him in so many areas.  The fourth grade is instrumental in packing the boxes for Operation Christmas Child this year. They are also making cards for cancer patients to be distributed through Phil's Friends.
In the words of our 4th graders, "4th grade is amazing! Miss Scheiwe does fun projects! I like 4th grade - it's one of my favorites!"

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