3rd Grade Classroom Corner

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Academic Highlights of How God is at Work in Our School

As you walk into the third grade classroom, you are greeted with a sign that states,  "It's A Great Day To Learn Something New".  This is a very appropriate sign because there are so many new and essential concepts being taught in third grade!
One exciting enhancement that Mrs. Topel is utilizing this year is a program known as "Seesaw", a 21st century form of parent communication.  Seesaw is a student driven digital portfolio that empowers students to document their learning.  Parents have access to their child's account and can view the digital assignments created throughout the school day.  Parents also have the ability to communicate words of encouragement to their child, as well as communicate with Mrs. Topel.  Third grade is really enjoying the process of integrating this new educational tool into their classroom learning.
Another new enhancement to third grade this year is a new literacy series!  This new series, entitled "Wonders", supports our Early Childhood reading workshop foundation and provides quality literature and informational texts for our students to continue to grow in their independent and collaborative learning. Mrs. Topel is enjoying implementing this new series into her classroom!
Third grade Science is off to an exciting start as the third graders are learning about different characteristics that God gave to plants and animals in order to survive.  To help them do so, the third graders have one terrarium and two aquariums in the classroom where the students can observe various characteristics of both plants and animals. 
Mrs. Topel is a math major and really enjoys teaching mathematical concepts to children.  Third grade math includes a heavy emphasis on multiplication, and Mrs. Topel is currently helping our students to understand the strategies that support the concept of estimating and solving 3-digit addition and subtraction problem.  She is also very excited to introduce multiplication in the next unit and begin one of her favorite math projects of the year - building Array City.
In writing, our third graders are currently in the process of writing their own personal narratives. Through our Weekend Headliners, the students are learning that their lives are like open books -- full of writing opportunities.
In religion, our third graders are very busy memorizing the books of the Bible and learning about how God reveals Himself through His Word.
However, one very exciting way in which God is using our third graders is  working with our International Ministry.  God has placed a strong evangelistic passion on Mrs. Topel's heart, especially in regards to the St. Matthew International Ministry.  In fact, she was one of the team members that traveled on the Japan Mission Trip last July.   Each year, our third graders have the opportunity to work with the women in our International Beginning English Class, and God uses our third graders in powerful ways to share His love with others. 
In the words of our third graders, "Third Grade is really fun! We do a lot of challenging stuff and a lot of exciting stuff!"

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